Do You Need to Affirm Yourself?

Sometimes, especially when I am going through stressful times, I need to remind myself to take a step back, take a deep breath and recenter. I remember a time in my life when I was feeling especially positive and a poem I wrote for a friend at the time. Here it is:

Self Affirmation

I have permission to take care of myself.

I exercise and eat right

Because I love the “me” I see in the mirror.


When I take care of myself,

I look at the world through clearer eyes,

As I rest quietly,

Meditating upon the positives in my life,

Inverting problems to find solutions,

Decisions come more easily,

I have patience with myself and others,

Strength returns with my convictions.


Peace and happiness reside in my heart,

I feel joy in waking to a new day,

My energy is refreshed.

Darian Slayton Fleming

Christmas, 2000